Thursday, October 8, 2009

FAQ: What stories did you grow up with?

My mother, in Fiji, was a great storyteller. She used to tell me stories of Birbal and the emperor, Akbar, just about every night. I grew to love these tales. I was amused by how Birbal out smarted everyone around him with the use of his wit and intelligence. These stories taught me unforgettable life lessons and morals that puzzled my brain.

Here's one for your enjoyment:

Emperor Akbar and Birbal, and Bananas

Birbal and the Emperor were eating bananas. The Emperor would throw the peels over to Birbal's side of the table. This went on for a while. After all the bananas were eaten, the Emperor feeling like he could finally defeat Birbal smiled and said, "Birbal, you greedy fellow, look at all the bananas you ate." Birbal looked at the Emperor and retorted, "Emperor Akbar, at least I, unlike you, spared the peels."

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