Sunday, November 22, 2009

FAQ: Why Elkford?

Well, when I emigrated to Canada in 1988 from Fiji islands, the first place I found myself was the small town of Elkford, British Columbia. Current population 3000 people! Whew! I suppose as a teenager, growing up in Fiji, my idea of Canada was much different. I expected to be surrounded by fast cars, tall buildings, herds of people, but here I was -- in Elkford. Population, less than 3000! Surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. As I grew to visit other places in Canada, however, I realised that Elkford was one of the many faces of this country we Canadians live in. So for my first published novel, I selected the the small town of Elkford as the most perfect setting and background to tell my story. I think it's noteworthy to mention that having been in Calgary for more than a decade, parts of the story is also situated in Albertan cities and towns such as Cowley, Alberta.

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