Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Interesting Birthday Tale -- Strangely True.

Here's a birthday tale that is strangely true.

I recently celebrated my 36th birthday on January 24. I have always treasured this day as this is also the day my father was born. Years later, my daughter was born on January 23. I always told her that she missed her grandfather's and my birthday by a day -- if only she was born a day later!

A few years back, my daughter and I went to visit Fiji Islands, my birthplace. On the way back to Canada, while on the plane, my daughter says, "Mom, I do share yours and Nana's (grandpa's) birth date. Nana (Grandpa) and you were born on January 24, in Fiji Islands, whereas I was born on January 23rd, in Canada. For me to share your birth day, I had to be born on January 23rd."

Of course, she was right. The beauty of timezones. January 23rd in Canada is in actuality January 24th in Fiji. Moral of the story -- I suppose the universe knows what it is doing every step of the way. It is just us who fail to see the several connections. Ha!

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