Friday, June 8, 2012

Praise for The End of the Dark and Stormy Night

"Khelawan's sense of humour is evident throughout, especially in small vignettes such as the scene in which Ravi's cousin Seema tells Reshma about her imagined sexual adventures, freely quoting from a romance novel, "He swept me into his strong arms..wrapping my strong lean thighs against his hard sweaty back.""
 -- Uma Parameswaran, Author and Academic (University of Winnipeg)

"To Khelawan’s credit, she imbues these characters with refreshing honesty. They’re colourful, multifaceted, and at times outrageously funny. Mrs. Anand may be a racist, controlling mother, but when she gets her hands on Mr. Anand (fed Viagra in the guise of a diabetes cure), the earthy sex scene reveals her as an emotionally complex woman with much more depth than simply a stock character."
-- Diane Gadoua, The Voice Magazine

"[Khelawan]has been praised for the characters she creates and the story features a multicultural cast that deals with issues of racism, sexuality and every day issues that come up in life."
-- by Bonnie Bryan, The Daily Townsman

"The best thing about the book is that it celebrates the Canadian life...The writing is racy and Rajni has the knack of creating funny situations and funny characters..."
-- Rajneesh Dhawan, Writer and Academic (University of Frazer Valley, British Columbia)

"Original and courageous."
-- Shyamal Bagchee, Academic (University of Alberta)

"Well written and entertaining."
-- Nalin Bakhle, Producer (Bollywood Boulevard)

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