Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dilkusha Home Project

On one of my trips to the Fiji Islands, in the South Pacific, I had the privilege of visiting Dilkusha Home, an orphanage that has been serving orphaned children for over 100 years.

The last two Christmases, a few of my friends and colleagues got together and raised over $300.00 to make the Dilkusha Home’s children’s Christmas a little brighter. This gift giving season, we were hoping to continue this tradition. And we needed your help. I would be grateful for any amount of support.

Currently, Dilkusha Home is serving 29 children, mostly girls, who range in ages from 1 to 19 years. And they have now also adopted their first boy! The older girls remain in the home due to permanent disabilities and their inability to live independently. The Home’s policy is to keep the girls in the home till they complete all their education and are able to be financially independent and live productive lives. This is such an amazing program for the girls of Fiji! Great to see it is in existence for over a 100 years and still going strong.

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