Monday, April 18, 2016

Highlights of the Book Launch

The evening lasted beyond the scheduled 2 hours, glad to see. People engaged in lively discussion afterwards, while enjoying jalebi, barfi, tea, coffee, and mango juice.

A few key items from my speech:

I expressed my most sincere gratitude to my publisher, Margie Wolfe, for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to showcase my work, and the team of Second Story Press, mainly Carolyn Jackson for overseeing the production of the novel, and Melissa Katta for such a gorgeous cover. I thanked my editors, Patricia Kennedy and Christina Frey. And Carmen Wittmeier for helping me develop as a writer over the last 10 years. I said thank you to Will, Owner of Shelf Life Books for giving such a great location to launch Kalyana, and Kevin, the events organizer for overseeing everything. And thank you to Allie and Emma for doing such a great job promoting Kalyana.

I talked about what inspired me to write Kalyana and read a bit of Chapter 1 and Chapter 26 of the novel.

All in all, it was such a great night!

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