Friday, April 24, 2009


As I research dating books and relationship manuals to try and figure out what makes a boy choose a girl and a girl choose a boy and love happen, one theme becomes constantly familiar. It's all about the chase. The boy must pursue, the girl must never indicate too much of an interest. Too much interest from the girl's side will kill the man's passion and desire for her, hence his love for her. The man is "the hunter." Okay - so the last time I looked outside, women were not gathering berries. So why are men still hunting?? Shoudn't a man and a woman just simply meet in the middle, no chase, no surrender, just a lot of communication, and that becomes the cornerstone of love? And what if, we come to believe that Chase = Chasee Not Wanting The Chaser. Even if one day the Chasee says "I do" to the Chaser and the Chaser feels he won her love. Did he really win her love or did she just settle? And a decade or so down the road, will she get bored and one day get up and walk away, leaving the Chaser wondering where he went wrong and should he have gone for that girl that was happy to see him come home? What if -- What if, we only chase those that chase us, regardless of the gender, and put the chase factor back where it belongs in the love equation. You run to me and I run to you - love should be as simple as that, shouldn't it? Re: My Second Novel "A Suitable Mate."

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