Friday, November 11, 2011

Inspiring News Story from Dilkusha Home Orphanage

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This an inspiring story in THE FIJI TIMES of a girl who grew up in the Dilkusha Home Orphanage and is now married and living abroad...Heart warming.

Dilkusha girl weds at home
Ruby Taylor-Newton
Thursday, December 03, 2009

Josephine Zulekha McCarthy with her husband Darren Crooks at the Outrigger on the Lagoon resort on the Coral Coast. Congratulating them is Deaconess Olivia Nataniela.
When the time came for Dilkusha Home-raised Josephine Zulekha McCarthy to get married to her love, Darren Crooks, she knew it would have to be back home in Fiji.

Josephine, who now lives in Melbourne, Australia made sure the two very special people in her life were present Deaconess Olivia Nataniela and assistant, superintendent Karuna Gabriel.

"They are my two mums," she says of the women. "They brought me up at the Home."

Dilkusha Girls Home Superintendent, Deaconess Olivia said Josephine was brought to the Home when she was still a baby...

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Great to see that Dilkusha continues to do great work...

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  1. I read "The End of the Dark and Stormy Night" a couple of years ago and have had a lot of conversations with Rajni regarding her book. The book is like a whiff of fresh air in the claustrophobic world of south Asian diaspora writing. The best thing about the book is that it celebrates the Canadian life, the Canadian life that people of Indian origin live within their respective communities and Rajni talks about their issues and concerns totally in a Canadian way, not looking once towards their roots in order to find some non-existent psychological crutch. The writing is racy and Rajni has the knack of creating funny situations and funny characters and she doesn't shy away from being politically incorrect. I am eagerly waiting for her second book.