Friday, November 11, 2011

Make A Child Smile This Gift Giving Season

During July /August 2011, I travelled to Fiji Islands, located in the cusp of the Pacific Ocean. While there, I had the privilege of visiting Dilkusha Home, an orphanage that has been serving orphaned children for over a 100 years.

This gift giving season, I was hoping to raise money to send them a little something to make their Christmas shine a little brighter. And I needed your help. I am hoping to raise $300.00 that will allow approximately $10.00 per child. Of course, if I was able to exceed this amount, it would be even better.

Currently, Dilkusha Home is serving 29 children who range in ages from 1 years to 19 years. And they recently adopted their first boy! The older girls remain in the home due to permanent disabilities and their inability to live independently. The Home’s policy is to keep the girls in the home till they complete all their education and are able to be financially independent and live productive lives.

So far, I have $30 in the bucket... And I would be grateful for any amount of support.

In order to keep their overhead costs low, Dilkusha Home does not have a personal website. However, I did manage to find pictures of their children celebrating the Home’s 100 year anniversary: Also, please read this heart warming news article where one of the girls who grew up in Dilkusha Home ties the knot to her long time love: Very inspiring...

If you can and want to help, please contact me via email at

Wishing everyone a happy healthy holiday season! Thank you. :)



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  1. Feel Free to click on the header to view pictures of the children currently residing in Dilkusha Home.