Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MY FAVORITE SCENE - Ravi goes to the theatre - from "The End of the Dark and Stormy Night."

The crowd went up to the ticket booth. The ticket girl asked Ravi which movie he was there to see and how many people were with him. Ravi told her it was for movie number four and that there were three adults and three youths. The girl advised him of the cost. Ravi’s eyes bulged.
      “Ninety-five dollars and fifty cents?” said Ravi. “Are you crazy? Count again.”
      “No, I’m not crazy. It’s fifteen dollars for each adult and thirteen dollars and fifty cents for each youth.”
      “Does that include popcorn?”
      “Plain popcorn? Popcorn without butter?”
      “Then what does that include?”
      “It just pays for the seats.”
      “What kind of seats do you have in there? Do they vibrate? If I pay that much for a chair, then it better be a vibrating chair so that I can keep all the ladies you see standing behind me happy.”
      The ticket girl looked at Ravi with a blank stare. Jesse asked Ravi to just get the tickets and stop making a scene. Ravi took out his debit card to pay for the tickets and said, “Fine, give me the tickets. But remember that I am a very dissatisfied customer. I won’t be coming back here. It’s a rip-off!”
      Ravi punched in his security code on the transaction machine and the girl printed off the tickets. The others chipped in to pay for the popcorn, which, according to Ravi, was also overpriced.
      “You want eight dollars and fifty cents for that large bag? Are you crazy? That would barely feed one person! I hope you use real butter for that cost.”
      They didn’t. They used low-fat margarine. Ravi thought that was another rip-off. Last time he went to the theatre, the tickets were only six dollars, and they used real butter.

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