Friday, May 22, 2009

UPDATES -- On My Developing Career As A Writer

Well - March 22, 2009, I woke up, absolutely terrified of having to public speak. It was after all, THE DAY when my first book was launched. There was no escaping it. First things first, however. The CBC Radio interview had to be recorded. I went to the studio shaking like a leaf and recorded my first interview. I listened to it on the radio. It was good. I liked it and others liked it too. This was encouraging. Back to the launch - about thirty people showed up, regardless of the bitter snow storm. I surprised myself again. I liked the public speaking, and reading the words I had written, inspite of my attack of anxiety twenty minutes before entering the scene of the launch location. The launch was a success. And, interestingly, I didn't seem to notice the big cameras of the NUTV in the corner filming the whole event. When the time came for the on camera interview, however, it was a different story. It took a bit to ignore the camera, close up. But after I managed to do just that, the interview flowed. Next came the Asian TV interview recorded in their studio. The bright lights were actually not noticeable when the interview commenced. I never watched my two television interviews when they aired. The third interview with OMNI NEWS aired nationally. Regardless of how painful it would be, I made a committment to watch it. It aired on Monday, May 18, 2009. I was pleased with the final result. It wasn't too bad at all. With my first initial interview when I was shaking like a leaf, I remember a friend calling me after the interview aired and saying, "Well, that's what life of an artist is all about!" I guess that's true. Creating the art is one aspect of being an artist; promoting it is the other aspect. There's no going around it. And I think that's not such a bad thing. Promoting my work has been an experience, a journey in itself. And it's an experience that I wouldn't want to trade or give up on.

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